Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

What are we doing: 

ABC Airporter follow’s all CDC Guidelines for the safety of its passengers and the cleanliness of the vehicles. ABC Airporter is still spraying down the vehicles wiping down the most touched surfaces of the vehicle. Seats, Seat Belts, Handles, Arm Rests etc. Vehicles are cleaned daily. 

Mask Mandates / Requirements: 

ABC Airporter as of April. 20, 2022 has now lifted its required Face Mask Rules. (Unless required by local authorities/counties.)  The drivers are no longer required to wear a face mask while traveling with passengers inside the vehicle. The Passengers are also no longer required to have a face mask on during the duration of the ride to/from their destination. 

ABC Airporter does give permission to drivers to wear a mask and to politely ask the passenger to also put on their mask if the passenger seems to be ill or coughing for safety of both the driver & passenger. 

ABC Airporter respects the passenger’s personal opinions and thoughts saying so if the passenger feels the driver should wear a mask during their particular ride to/from their destination please politely ask the driver to put on his/her mask. (Drivers 99% of the time will have a mask but could be 1% they ran out and don’t have anymore at which point they will not be able to wear one.)

CDC Says:

The CDC is still recommending passengers wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth while being driven inside any transportation method. ABC Airporter knows many passengers still may feel safer wearing a face mask and to create distance on seating themselves to have space as per personal opinions. 

Future Updates on Mask:

ABC Airporter is closely following CDC & Osha Guidelines for the safety of the riders and it’s drivers. If anything changes from local law and federal requirements on masks being required in a transportation vehicle we will update this page. 

Thank You

ABC Airporter Service