ABC Airporter Service is an Airport Shuttle company that is fully licensed and insured under the authorization of California Public Utilities & Transportation Charter Party License Number 13501 which gives ABC Airporter Service a full authority to operate throughout entire California and ABC Airporter Service vehicles that get checked for safety and regulation rules every month by California Highway Patrol (CHP).  ABC Airporter Service that started off with Silver & Blue theme/vans colors in 1998 and now that is Blue & White has been supporting and fulfilling its goals of staying up top in the ground transportation industry throughout South Bay and its surrounding areas as our competitor’s leader. ABC AIRPORTER SERVICE is on the top of the list as number one with a five-star rating in ground transportation that you can rely on and be stress free about having a driver at your door step or at the airport upon your arrival. Since our opening in October of 1998 by Manjit S. Gill who started this business off with just one vehicle in the heart of San Jose which had transporting customers to and from San Jose as following started off serving San Francisco and Oakland Airports after a couple of weeks into the business starting. After sometime ABC Airporter Service was serving more counties and cities than most other business companies could. ABC Airporter Service had started bringing in drivers to work with us before summer of 1999. Our fleets had and have consisted of vehicles that have minivans, big heavy duty vans to other variety vehicles. Here at ABC Airporter Service Manjit S. Gill has a commitment that his drivers and he himself will serve you with a five star customer service which consists of picking you up on time, driving you safely. And last but not least courteous drivers that will have a professional meet and greet with our passengers. Choosing ABC can benefit you in many ways it helps you get to your destination without any hesitation, our goal here is to support and help the customer out in every way possible. Our drivers take pride in serving customers out and here at ABC Airporter Service we are positive that a customer who has used us once is mostly like to use our service repetitive amount of times.

Going to the airport with someone who you've never met before could be pretty dangerous, the person could be rude, drives like a maniac, not safe at all speeding the whole way there, on the phone for the entire trip not listening and paying attention on the road could be harmful and result in serious matters. ABC Airporter Service lets their customers know how the drivers are and where our drivers come from, just like behind the products or service they're buying from a retail store or somewhere else. But when is comes to transportation business they care for how safe they are on the road. So the following is a quick summary that will give you some information about our drivers. All of our Drivers are:

1) An old organized group of professionals & experienced drivers

2)Drivers that hold a driving record of 10 years or longer

3) Clean D.M.V Record & Background

4) In Good State of Health

5) Soft Spoken and in Proper Attire

6)Clean Vehicles

7)Smoke Free Vehicle/Environment

8)Fully Licensed & Insured while inside an operating vehicle

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